Dear friends,

We welcome you to the homepage of Landhaus Rosa! I, Sarah, have been so blessed to live and travel all over the world, hailing from a cattle farm in rural Missouri to now living this beautiful life with my husband and our children outside of Weimar, Germany where we run our little vacation home, Landhaus Rosa. I never quite expected to end up putting down roots so far from home, but the sense of feeling home and making a home was always deeply embedded within me.

Finding our home took many years and after countless tears and prayers, our home finally found us! Just as we decided to abandon the dream of having and buying our own home, we were faced with the unbelievable fortune to finally settle into a place that I feel was waiting for us as much as we were waiting for it. An old house-crooked, wrinkled with bumps and oddities, yet full of charm and character-much like an old friend who takes you in when you need a hug. You cannot build an old house and that´s just what I love about this place. So much history and a roof that has sheltered many generations before us helps me to appreciate and be reminded that we are a conservator for just a little while.

Living in an apartment, my husband and I took in many a traveler over the years, sacrificing our privacy, sharing our family and our living room to give someone shelter while on their adventures. That our new home would have a guest house next door was absolutely serendipitous and a blessing! Although it meant renovating and a lot of work, we carefully tended our vision of having guests who would feel welcomed and at home.

Homemade ice cream, delicious cheesecakes, pies, or even presenting a soup when a guest is under the weather are all the little things that make me feel closer to my beloved grandmother who was a talented baker, feeding many a hungry guest at her table. I like to think she´d be delighted knowing her recipes and her sense of hospitality continue to live on through me.

Anyways, we hope you feel as at home as we do and we look forward to meeting you!